Excellent Protection.

Billy Pugh Company’s fiberglass products offer excellent protection for your safety equipment.

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Extreme Temperatures and Weather?

They are made with high quality, corrosion-resistant material that will hold up in all kinds of weather, chemicals, dust, insects, salt water, UV-rays, and extreme temperatures year round.



Emergency Storage.

BPC’s fiberglass products are designed to protect equipment such as fire-hoses, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatuses, life jackets, ring buoys, or to satisfy your general storage needs.

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High Quality Features.

They are manufactured with full length stainless steel hinges, quick-opening rubber or stainless T-latches, and special features include windows, stenciling, or custom orders upon request.


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Emergency Equipment Boxes

Emergency equipment boxes are custom designed  for all-weather, year-round storage and protection of your emergency equipment and/or instrumentation including all fire fighting related equipment

General Boxes

Billy Pugh Company fiberglass boxes are manufactured with a variety of features.

Storage Boxes

Billy Pugh Company storage boxes are custom designed for all-weather, year-round storage and protection

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