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Quick and Effective.

Billy Pugh Company’s 4 to 12 person transfer device is used to quickly and effectively transport personnel on and off of platforms.


Only the 4 person units come with netting between the riders

6 to 12 person transfer device


Safety without Confinement.

All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards to provide safety and give the rider confidence while in transit.  You told us you didn’t want to sit down and be buckled in.  We listened.

Strong yet Lightweight.

All X-904’s are made of a sturdy and very durable aluminum skeleton, to protect them from falling objects.



Safety comes First.

The X-904 is built above and beyond standard safety rules and regulations to provide a superior product to customers.

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Check out our refurbishment options and our list of Authorized Service Refurbishment Companies.

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Billy Pugh Co. management group spent two years in collaboration between BPC, HSE&Q managers, crane operators, rig managers and offshore personnel to create a product that will both efficiently and quickly move passengers offshore. With the help of a great team, the X-904 transfer device was developed and quickly became the standard for offshore transfer.  It is made of a sturdy aluminum skeleton to protect them from falling objects.  The riders are encompassed with tightened stainless steel ropes that protects from any side impact that may occur. All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards that gives the passengers stability without being confined.  Shock absorbing “feet” protect passengers from hard landing. The X-904 provides a designated area for luggage.  In the event of an emergency situation, the 4, 6, & 8 person X-904s allows for a stretcher to be loaded.

Product Specifications

X-904-44 Person Transfer Device90” x 90” x 34”600 lbs
X-904-66 Person Transfer Device102” x 102” x 36”700 lbs
X-904-88 Person Transfer Device102” x 102” x 36”900 lbs
X-904-1010 Person Transfer Device112” x 112” x 36”1000 lbs
X-904-1212 Person Transfer Device120” x 120” x 54”1200 lb


Product (optional but recommended)Description
Storage Cover for Assembled Transfer Device (904P-31, 906P-31, 910P-31)Vinyl cover for assembled X-904; protects from UV rays and weather.
Storage Cover for Unassembled Transfer Device (904P-30, 906P-30, 910P-30)Vinyl cover for unassembled X-904; protects from UV rays and weather.
Storage Box (904 B-4 &  904 B-6/8)BPC storage boxes are custom designed for all-weather, year-round storage and protection for the X-904-4 & 6/8 man
 PTL-1PTL-1 Tag Line 1 1/2″ overall diameter dipped, wrapped, stainless steel thimble eye on one end (conforms to API standards)

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Product Features

  • ABS Certification Report available
  • Collapsible for storage & shipping
  • Overhead protection
  • Refurbishment program
  • Shock absorbing bottom
  • Non-slip floor Lightweight aluminum frame construction
  • Double braid polydacron rope coated in urethane with stainless wire rope center
  • Comes standard with 20ft. stabilizer & load line
  • Training DVD and Manual

  • Stretcher space provided on the X-904-4 person, 6 person and 8 person
  • Designated storage space


No, for safety reasons, BPC has certified refurbishment companies all over the world.  Please check our refurbishment section for a listing of those companies.
Cost will vary depending on the condition of the unit but as a general rule somewhere between 40-50% of the price of a new one.
The X-904 was designed to be rebuilt and refurbished; personnel baskets were not. Do to their initial cost it also makes financial sense to refurbish the X-904. Conversely, personnel nets/baskets initial cost is much lower and its design is not conducive or economical for rebuilding.
The X-904 is manufactured with a variety of components such as wire rope, synthetic rope, floatation, cover materials etc. All of these components are affected by the harsh offshore environment they operate in. This wear would include general wear and tear, UV degradation as well as the salt water conditions offshore. These effected parts are all critical in the performance and operation of the X-904. The X-904 is a device that carries the most important “cargo” in the offshore community…people. The X-904 is designed to be inspected before each use then have a more thorough inspection every 6 months and be refurbished every two years (with the understanding that it had passed the daily and 6 month inspections). The two year refurbishment helps to insure these devices are more than ready to do the job they were designed for…Why two years? Because we have found that on average (based on over 60 years of manufacturing safety equipment for offshore use) two years in the field is the maximum time that we can recommend these kind of lifting devises operate without critical parts being replaced. Please note: after the 3rd refurbishment of the X-904 you are required to purchase a new device or we offer an 8 year refurbishment option that replaces certain key pieces. Please check our refurbishment section for more information.

Initially, the X-904 was designed to be fully replaced at the end of 8 years (3 full refurbishments). As the downturn hit the oil and gas industry we were asked to find any cost savings possible for the X-904 program. This request came from one of the major oil companies (who had over a hundred X-904’s in their fleet). The second option for 8 year refurbishment was then added.

As it states in the copy you provided in your letter, we added an 8 year refurb option for those who were looking for an alternative that would save them money without compromising the safety of the unit. The pad eyes on the X-904 are the key load bearing component on the frame assembly-this section is too critical not to change out after the 8 year time frame. The center section (vertical pole) is there only to keep the X-904 upright and does not carry any significant load. The load is distributed by the multiple outer stainless ropes covered by double braid nylon. This makes the X-904 not only extremely strong but also lightweight. These vertical ropes are connected to the upper and lower ring with threaded bolts swaged to the wire ropes. Our refurb shops pay close attention to the bottom rings of the X-904’s that have chosen the 8 year refub option that allows these rings to stay with the unit. Most notably the attachment points of the rigging lines into the lower ring and the underside of the lower ring where the struts come together in the center. If any of these areas are showing excessive wear or damage then the bottom will have to be replaced during the second 8 year term.

In summary, changing the entire unit at the 8 year term would be a good suggestion for those who use the X-904 on a daily basis and have significant wear and tear from heavy usage. For deepwater operations or those who use their X-904 less often, the second option (replacing the top ring along with the refurb kit) is a good option. As long as the bottom ring and center sections do not show significant wear or damage and pass inspection, they can be used throughout the second refurb period.

Our policies were written for the X-904 based on “normal” usage. From time to time we have come upon these circumstances where the customer does not regularly use their X-904 in their day to day operations.

We don’t change or alter our policies/recommendations because to do so would add subjectivity to the refurbishment and maintenance equation of the product. Adding this variable, we would then be in the position to have to look at every X-904 and subjectively say whether it is time or not to refurb or be replaced. To do this (in our opinion) would create a safety concern about the integrity of this most important product. If one mistake is made, there is a good chance that injuries or even lives would be affected. Being consistent on our part is critical and this has resulted in never having a structural failure on the X-904 in its history.

It is also important to note that we are not an enforcement agency, we only “recommend” how our product is used and maintained. If the customer chooses not to follow these Recommendations, it is up to them. An analogy would be when buying a car the manufacturer has recommendations for changing the oil, tire rotation etc. It is up to the buyer to determine if they follow them, even if the car stays in the garage.

Just one more thing worth noting, all of our X-904’s have life left in them when they come in for refurbishment. The last personnel lift these devices make should not be the last one that they are “capable” of making.

The X-904 is rated at 300 lbs per person. IE: The X-904 4 person has a WLL of 1200 lbs.
The In Service Date is the date when the X-904 is removed from its packaging. This determines when the 6 month inspection and 2 year refurbishment should take place.  The In Service Date will need to be noted in the operations manual included with the purchase of the X-904.

In the event the In-Service Date was not noted when unwrapped, you can use the following dates for your records.

  1. In-Service Date – The date the device was unwrapped, if not the follow date will apply.
  2. Good Receiving Date (GRN Date) – The date the customer received the goods from their forwarding agent, if not the follow date will apply.
  3. Invoice Date (From Distributor to Customer) or Delivery Order Date (From Distributor to Customer) from a DO or Invoice, if not the follow date will apply.
  4. Purchase Order Date (Customer PO to Distributor), if not the follow will apply.
  5. Distributor Receiving Date from Billy Pugh, if not the follow will apply.
  6. Manufacturing Date
Some companies require work vests only and others use Type 1 only for X-904 transfers-it really depends on the culture of the company and what they feel is most effective for their operation and personnel. Have a PFD that is sturdy and has a convenient place in the front of the jacket to attach the quick release carabineer.  The PFD should also be regularly inspected for excessive wear or UV degradation.  BPC does not recommend anything too bulky (in that) it can interfere with moving in and out of the X-904 inner riding area.  We also recommend whatever PFD is used, that it be emphasized to wear the vest/jacket securely around the passenger.

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