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Safety Pipe Hooks

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This provides a quick and efficient way to safely lift and move pipe

Models:Mouth Opening:Throat Opening:**S.W.L. (throat):**S.W.L. (tip):
SPH-031 1/2″1 1/8″5000 lbs.1450 lbs.
SPH-042″1 1/4″7500 lbs.2000 lbs.
SPH-052 3/8″1 5/8″14000 lbs.4000 lbs.
*DTP-0022″2″14000 lbs.4000 lbs.
*DTP-002N2 1/8″2 1/8″14000 lbs.4000 lbs.

*DPT Hooks are designed for use with thread protectors still on casing.

SPH Safety Pipe Hook Inspection