Muli-Purpose Offshore Bulk Lifter

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IBC Lifting Device
FIBC Lifting Device
Pallet Lifting Device
WLL 2500 KG
5:1 Safety Factor
ASME B30.20 Compliant
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Multi-Purpose Offshore Bulk Lifter (Patent Pending)

Key Design Features

  • The upper lift frame is lowered down over the IBC tote to contain the load and mitigate risk of lateral loads resulting from sloshing fluids.
  • Vertical slings sets are suspended from weld-on excavator hooks designed for easy on easy off to switch between lifting modes.
  • Vertical sling sets with locking hooks are easy to inspect in the field and easily replaced if damaged.
  • Multiple lengths are available to easily switch between IBC lifting and Pallet lifting.
  • Weld-on excavator hooks are facing inward to protect the hook from damage during lifting activities in the offshore environment.
  • Integrated “green” handles for safe hand placement if a load needs to be manipulated.
  • Multiple size Cargo Nets are available to best match the various FIBC sizes on the market.
  • Rigging available in both Crosby and Van Beest options based on customer preference.

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