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Billy Pugh Company fiberglass boxes are manufactured with features like stainless steel hinges and quick-opening rubber and stainless steel latches.

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General Purpose Boxes

OBB-20068 1/4″L x 38 1/8″W x 28 1/8″H; with lid 28 5/8” H115 lbs
OBB-30073 3/8”L x 37 5/8”W x 35 1/4”H; with lid 35 3/4″ H130 lbs

Utility Boxes

UB-111″L x 9 3/4″W x 11 9/16 H”, with lid 11 7/8″ H9 lbs
UB-216″L x 12″ W x 13″ H, with lid 13 3/4″ H14 lbs