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Billy Pugh Company’s Containerized Fast Throw Lines are a must for any application that requires a dependable length of rope. Whether it’s for a ring buoy line, a painter rope or any other application where you need a rope that will not be deteriorated or tangle upon deployment. Our CFTL’s offer great dependability and value. The PVC containers keep the rope out of the elements and upon deployment- are tangle resistant.

The CFTL’s and LFP’s are designed to be an one time use item.  Once deployed, the rope cannot be returned to the tube for reuse.

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CFTL-1100′1/4″3 lbs.
CFTL-2150′1/4″4 lbs.
CFTL-3100′3/8″5 lbs.
CFTL-4150′3/8″7 lbs.
CFTL-5300′3/8″16 lbs.
CFTL-6150′3/8″5 lbs.
CFTL-7250′1/2″20 lbs

Custom sizes available upon request.

To order BRACKETS, specify model of CFTL.