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Just a note to our end users.

We are pleased that you chose the X-904 for your operations and we want you to have the best and safest possible program for the offshore transfer of your most important asset, your people. Due to this, we recommend replacement of the device after three refurbishments

When it’s time for your X-904 to be refurbished, please refer only to a Billy Pugh Co. certified organization. We have them strategically located all over the world and they are specifically trained to perform this critical service. We have provided a listing of those companies certified to maintain your X-904 here on our website. If you have any questions or concerns about getting your X-904 refurbishment, please e-mail us at bpc@billypugh.com.

Daily Checklist.

Make sure you are doing your daily checklist to manage the daily demands of your X-904.  Forms are available for download here.



6 Month Inspections.

This is a thorough inspection.  Make sure you are prepared.  Forms are available for download here.

2 Year Refurbishment.

All X-904s are required to have a 2 year refurbishment. After the third refurbishment we recommend a new device. Contact one of the certified companies below to get started.



No, for safety reasons, BPC has certified refurbishment companies all over the world.  Please check our refurbishment section for a listing of those companies.
Cost will vary depending on the condition of the unit but as a general rule somewhere between 40-50% of the price of a new one.
The X-904 was designed to be rebuilt and refurbished; personnel baskets were not. Do to their initial cost it also makes financial sense to refurbish the X-904. Conversely, personnel nets/baskets initial cost is much lower and its design is not conducive or economical for rebuilding.

The X-904 is manufactured with a variety of components such as wire rope, synthetic rope, floatation, cover materials etc. All of these components are affected by the harsh offshore environment they operate in. This wear would include general wear and tear, UV degradation as well as the salt water conditions offshore. These effected parts are all critical in the performance and operation of the X-904. The X-904 is a device that carries the most important “cargo” in the offshore community…people. The X-904 is designed to be inspected before each use then have a more thorough inspection every 6 months and be refurbished every two years (with the understanding that it had passed the daily and 6 month inspections). The two year refurbishment helps to insure these devices are more than ready to do the job they were designed for…Why two years? Because we have found that on average (based on over 60 years of manufacturing safety equipment for offshore use) two years in the field is the maximum time that we can recommend these kind of lifting devises operate without critical parts being replaced.

Our policies were written for the X-904 based on “normal” usage. From time to time we have come upon these circumstances where the customer does not regularly use their X-904 in their day to day operations.

We don’t change or alter our policies/recommendations because to do so would add subjectivity to the refurbishment and maintenance equation of the product. Adding this variable, we would then be in the position to have to look at every X-904 and subjectively say whether it is time or not to refurb or be replaced. To do this (in our opinion) would create a safety concern about the integrity of this most important product. If one mistake is made, there is a good chance that injuries or even lives would be affected. Being consistent on our part is critical and this has resulted in never having a structural failure on the X-904 in its history.

It is also important to note that we are not an enforcement agency, we only “recommend” how our product is used and maintained. If the customer chooses not to follow these Recommendations, it is up to them. An analogy would be when buying a car the manufacturer has recommendations for changing the oil, tire rotation etc. It is up to the buyer to determine if they follow them, even if the car stays in the garage.

Just one more thing worth noting, all of our X-904’s have life left in them when they come in for refurbishment. The last personnel lift these devices make should not be the last one that they are “capable” of making.

The X-904 is rated at 300 lbs per person. IE: The X-904 4 person has a WLL of 1200 lbs.
The In Service Date is the date when the X-904 is removed from its packaging. This determines when the 6 month inspection and 2 year refurbishment should take place.  The In Service Date will need to be noted in the operations manual included with the purchase of the X-904.

In the event the In-Service Date was not noted when unwrapped, you can use the following dates for your records.

  1. In-Service Date – The date the device was unwrapped, if not the follow date will apply.
  2. Good Receiving Date (GRN Date) – The date the customer received the goods from their forwarding agent, if not the follow date will apply.
  3. Invoice Date (From Distributor to Customer) or Delivery Order Date (From Distributor to Customer) from a DO or Invoice, if not the follow date will apply.
  4. Purchase Order Date (Customer PO to Distributor), if not the follow will apply.
  5. Distributor Receiving Date from Billy Pugh, if not the follow will apply.
  6. Manufacturing Date
Some companies require work vests only and others use Type 1 only for X-904 transfers-it really depends on the culture of the company and what they feel is most effective for their operation and personnel. Have a PFD that is sturdy and has a convenient place in the front of the jacket to attach the quick release carabineer.  The PFD should also be regularly inspected for excessive wear or UV degradation.  BPC does not recommend anything too bulky (in that) it can interfere with moving in and out of the X-904 inner riding area.  We also recommend whatever PFD is used, that it be emphasized to wear the vest/jacket securely around the passenger.
Our policy and Recommended Practice has always been that these units need to be refurbished every two years unless they are damaged or do not pass the Daily or 6 Month inspection with a lifespan of 8 years total on the aluminum center section.

The center section of the X-904 is made from aluminum. This is so that the X-904 will be as light as possible. This light weight feature is important so that in the event that someone is struck on deck with the transfer basket that they will be much less likely to be injured or knocked over. Aluminum is great for this reason but it does “cycle” over time and lose some strength. After 8 years in the field (new – plus 3 refurbs) we recommend that they be replaced. It’s important to realize that these devices will still have “life” left in them in the vast majority of cases when they are taken out of service. This is good as the last lift they make should not be the last lift that they are “capable” of making. We always have to err on the conservative side due the “cargo” that our products carry. We cannot be 99.9% sure, if we have only one failure (which we have not) then the results will be catastrophic, injuries will most certainly occur and lives may even be lost. We are extremely proud of the safety record of the X-904. Diamond Offshore helped us design the X-904 and the last testing that was done before we went into production was on the Ocean Confidence.

Contact an X-904 Authorized Service
Refurbishment Company Now!

We have several companies set up to perform this service. They will not only
re-certify the unit but also replace worn or damaged parts.

North & South America


2000 Wayside
Houston, TX 77011
Tel: 800-923-1672
Web: www.alexanderryan.com
Email: arms-sales@alexanderryan.com


205 E Woodlawn Ranch Rd
HOUMA, Louisiana 70363
Tel: 985-333-5987
Web: www.alexanderryan.com
Email: arms-sales@alexanderryan.com

Caribbean Safety Products

403 Pacific Ave, Pt. Lisas Industrial Estates
Pt. Lisas Trinidad & Tobago
Tel: 1-868-299-0104
Website: www.caribbeansafety.com
Email: ecommercesales@caribbeansafety.com


300 W. Stanley Ave
Ventura, CA 93001
Tel: 805-643-3388
Email: EZamora@certex.com

Donovan Marine Inc. : New Orleans

6316 Humphreys Street
New Orleans, LA 70123
Tel: (877) 366-2366
Tel: (504) 488-5731
Web: www.donovanmarine.com
Email: commercialsales@donovanmarine.com

Dooley Tackaberry, Inc.

1515 W. 13th Street
Deer Park, TX 77536 USA
Tel: 800.833.0247 (Toll Free)
Tel: 281.479.9700 (Houston Area)
Web: www.dooleytackaberry.com
Email: sales.us@dtihome.com

Fire and Safety Specialists: Lafayette & Latin America

7001 Johnston St
Lafayette LA 70596
Tel: 337-993-9377
Web: www.teamfss.com

LHR: Houston

4200 Fm 1128 Rd Pearland, TX 77584
Tel: (800) 943-2324
Tel: (713) 943-2324
Web: www.lhrservices.com
Email: sales@lhrservices.com

Mid Continent: Houston

5234 Brittmore
Houston, TX 77041
Tel: (713) 849-3422
Web: www.mid-continents.com
Contact: Tim Htike
Email: tim@midconusa.com

Nord Marine Services, Newfoundland

71 Wright Avenue
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1H4
Tel: +001 (902) 835-4848
Web: www.dssmarine.com
Email: info@dssgrp.com

Survival Systems Limited

3a Plaisance Park Industrial Estate
Pointe-à-Pierre / Trinidad W.I.
Contact: Stewart Darwent
Tel: 868 285-9097
Email: stewart.darwent@survival-systems.co.tt

Tormag S.A. de C.V.

Carr. a Barra de Tuplico S/N
Rancheria Las Flores 1a. Seccion
Paraiso, Tabasco C.P. 86600
Tel: +(933) 333-2078
Web: www.tormag.mx
Email: tormage@prodigy.net.mx


LHR Marine Ltd

4 Minto Place
Altens Industrial Estate
Aberdeen Scotland
Phone:+44 (0) 1224248821
Email: info@lhrmarine.com
Web: www.lhrmarine.com

PTR Holland B.V.

Dintelweg 107
3198 LB
Europoort-Rt The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 10-7144945
Fax: +31 (0) 181-262813
Web: www.ptrholland.com
Email: info@ptrholland.com

Naval Architectural Services Ltd.

Apt. 611 – A3 Towers
M. Bologna Street
Paola – PLA 1560
Tel: +356 2166 8254 / +356 9997 7755
Web: www.nas.com.mt
Email: info@nas.com.mt

V&V Maritime

Constanta Port Berth 53
900900 Constanta – Romania
Tel: +40 241 603 233
Web: www.vvmaritime.ro
Email: office@vvmaritime.ro
Contact Person: Catalin Trusca
Mob: + 40 730 001 722


Aqua-Terra Solutions Pte Ltd

17 Jurong Port Road
Singapore 619092
Tel: 65 6319 4666
Email: byseah@aterra.com.sg

Arabian Ocean Drilling Supplies & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Raja Bahadur Mansion, 2nd Floor
32 Apollo Street, Fort
Mumbai 400 023 – India
Tel: + 91 22 22700203 – 204 / + 91 9920755897
Email: info@aosindia.com

Denray Marine Services Ltd: Auckland – New Zealand

Phone: + 64 9 274 8080
Fax: + 64 9 274 8787

Denray Marine Services Ltd: Wellington – New Zealand

Phone: + 64 4 5894376

DLV Corporation

1409 Huynh Tan Phat Street, Phu Thuan Ward,
District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Email:  info@dlvcorp.com
Tel: (+848) 54101051
Fax: (+848) 54104740
*with offices in Myanmar, Thailand, and China

First Marine Services

Operating under Alexander Ryan Marine & Safety
Lot 35 Sektor 1, Jalan IM 3/6
Bandar Indera Mahkota
25200 Kuantan, Pahang
Tel: +60 9 573 6333
Fax: +60 9 573 7633
Web: www.fms.com.my
Email: inquiry@fms.com.my, meor@fms.com.my

Keisha Marine Services Sdn Bhd

No.21 & 23, Jalan Selat Selatan 7/KS05,
Taman Perindustrian Sobena Jaya,
42000, Port Kelang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-3166 9717 / 3166 9716
Fax: +603-3166 9727
Email: keisha88@keishamarine.com

Keisha Marine East Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Labuan Office,
Lot 17 & 18, Lusu Warehouse,
Jalan Patau-Patau,
87000 W.P. Labuan
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : +6087 – 422 392 / 422 393
Fax : +6087 – 422 391
Email: keishasb@keishamarine.com

Keisha Marine East Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Miri Office
Lot 977 & 978, Block 5,
Lorong Desa Senadin, 1A-1A Off Jalan,
98000 Miri
Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel : +6085 – 628 555 / 628 585
Fax : +6085 – 628 855
Email: keishasb@keishamarine.com

Lam Son Marine Supplies & Offshore Services Joint Stock Company

84 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 4
Vung Tau City, VietNam
Tel: +84 64 6256220 and +84 64 3543868
Fax: +84 64 3543388
Email: sonpn@lamsonjsc.com.vn

LHR Marine Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 4, 47 Erceg Road
Yangebup, Western Australia
Phone: +61 (0) 8 9434 2844
Email: info@lhrmarine.com.au
Web: www.lhrmarine.com.au

LHR Marine Singapore PTE Ltd

25B Loyang Crescent
Loyang Offshore Supply Base
BLK 302 TOPS Avenue 3 #01-01
Singapore 508988
Phone:+65 31589162
Email: info@lhrmarine.com.sg
Web: www.lhrmarine.com.sg

Mid-Continent Distribution Group PTE LTD

A Subsidiary of MTQ Corporation Limited
54 Loyang Way, Singapore 508747
Tel: (65) 6543-1433
Fax: (65) 6543-1219
Web: www.midcontinents.com
Email: enquiries@midcontinents.com
(GST Registration–201826235H)

PT Binder Indonesia

Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro 108
Tambun, Bekasi 17500
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Contact: Ardi Poeloengan
Tel: (+62) 21 8822150
Web: www.bindergrp.com
Email: sales@binderindo.co.id

PVD Technical Training & Certification J.S.C (PVD Training)

Road 1, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward
Vung Tau City, Viet Nam
Tel: (+84) 64 3612 099
Fax: (+84) 64 3615 399
Web: www.pvdtraining.com.vn
Email: info@pvdtraining.com.vn

Shipshape Sea Store co., ltd.

217/1 Soi 7/1 Phuttha Bucha Road,
Bangmod, Jhomthong, Bangkok,
Thailand 10150
Tel: +66-2-874-1025-9, +66 2 427-5078-9 EXT. 108
Fax: +66 2 874-1030
Web: www.shipshapegroup.com
Email: shipshape@shipshapegroup.com

ShangHai YF Marine Equipment Co., Ltd

Room 105, KangQiao Road 1159,
Pudong district,  200120
ShangHai, China
Tel: +86 010 51095301
Fax: +86 17721385953
Web: www.yufenmarine.com
Email: info@yufenmarine.com

Middle East / Africa

Arabian Ocean Services

P. O. Box 53516, Dubai – U.A.E.
Tel: + 971 4 3383343
Fax: + 971 4 3383395
Web: www.aosdubai.com
Email: info@aosdubai.com

Gulf Power and Marine Saudi Arabia: Head Office – Al Khobar

P.O. Box 3892
Al-Khobar 31952
Aziziah Street
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 3 8945809
Fax:+966 3 8897371
Web: www.gulfpowermarine.com/
Email: info@gulfpowermarine.com

MTQ Oilfield Services WLL

Building 498, Road 1508
HIDD 115 P.O. Box 60095
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel (+973) 17166800
Email: sales@mtqos.com
Web: mtq.com.sg/bahrain.html

Multimarine Services Ltd

1 Agriniou Street, 3066 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25336520
Tel: +357 25384988
Email: info@multimarine.com.cy
Web: http://www.multimarine.com.cy


17 Ha’Yetzirah St, Ramleh, Israel
Tel: +972 89244441
Fax: +972 89242377
Email: info@nidco.co.il
Web: http://www.nidco.co.il/en/index.html

Oceanex International Oil & Gas LLC

P O Box 32522
Doha – Qatar
Tel : +974 44231111 / +974 3345 8105
Email: sales@oceanexqatar.com

Seafloat Marine Services Limited: Nigeria

Tel: +234-80-326-61935
Email: Sales@seafloat.com
Web: www.seafloat.com

Tiba Oil Tools Cairo

19, Road 304
New Maadi, Cairo 11435, Egypt.
Tel: +202 2753 6815 / 25172864