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The Billy Pugh Company (BPC) has been providing personnel transfer safety devices to the offshore industry since 1957.

Billy Pugh Company offers a full complement of personnel transfer devices and baskets to the offshore industry.  With multiple patents over the past 60 years, Billy Pugh Company has set the standard in the industry.

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ABS Type Approved Manufacturer

ABSBilly Pugh Co. is an ABS Type Approved manufacturer.  In the case of our life floats, we do not charge any additional fees for ABS as they are included in the price and a third party certification is required by USCG.

In terms of personnel transfer devices, we do charge an additional fee for ABS to offset our costs associated with this service.  ABS is not required in all parts of the world for personnel transfer devices so we only charge those companies that choose this option the additional fees.

Our four person X-904 is the only X-904 series that is covered under the Type Approval program.  The X-800 series personnel nets covered are listed in the link provided below.

ABS Certification Report:  In the event that ABS certification is required for one of our products not covered by Type Approval, ABS also offers us an “ABS Certification Report” certificate where the local ABS surveyor comes to our factory and provides this certificate.  The cost of this service varies but is useful for those products where ABS is needed but we do not have the volume to justify including it in the Type Approval program.

ABS Type Approval Program

In the voluntary Type Approval Program, ABS certifies that enrolled manufacturers around the world are capable of consistently producing a product in compliance with product specifications. Each product is tested extensively to verify that it will perform reliably in the marine and offshore environment.

To find out about the ABS Type Approval process click here.

For Billy Pugh Co. Type Approved product listing click here and type in Billy Pugh Co., Corpus Christi under product search.

How Can I Tell if My Billy Pugh Personnel Transfer Device is ABS Type Approved?




Not all Billy Pugh Co. Personnel Baskets and X-904’s are ABS Type approved. All type approved X-800 series personnel basket/nets start with a “5” in the serial number (ie. 543410). The last 2 numbers are the year of manufacture. The X-904 series do not have any serial number designating type approval.

All type approved products have the ABS tag attached (see photo) and the X-800 series has “ABS TYPE APPROVED” stenciled on the bottom orange cover.

Some personnel baskets and X-904 Series are not included in our ABS Type Approved program. These products, can though, have an ABS certificate without the ABS tagging. This procedure is called an “ABS Certification Report”. These certificates are obtained when customers request ABS certification on equipment that is not ABS type approved. In these cases the ABS surveyor conducts a unit certification and provides “ABS Certification Report” upon completion of his inspection.