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Model Capacity
CLB-1000/17 Three Persons
Length, structural Length, outfitting
17’ 3-1/2” (5.271m) 17’ 7-3/4” (5.378m)
Width, structural Width, outfitting
4’ 2” (1.270m) 4’ 6-1/4” (1.378m)
Height Weight
8’ 2” (2.489m) 4,040 lb (1,832 kg)
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Key Design Features

  • Designed to be AMSE B30.23 compliant with a PE Stamp and detailed structural calculation package backing up the fabrication drawings.
  • Detailed General Arrangement Drawing and Recommended Practice available to all customers
  • Dedicated padeyes for fall protection tie off points that meet OSHA and ASME Standards.
  • Dedicated padeyes for tagline connection
  • Rubber bumpers installed on all corners
  • All baskets are proof load tested to 125% of the Working Load Limit.
  • All baskets are incline tested during the load testing
  • All baskets are primed with a two-coat marine paint coating system
  • The basket is designed to suspend at an inclination of 2 degrees upward in an empty condition and decline at 4 degrees when cantilever is fully loaded.
  • Forklift Tubes are installed under the counterweight end for easy transport between crane lifts.
  • Internal handrails are installed around the entire perimeter of the work area complying with OSHA standards.
  • Optional 125% Field Load Test Package is available for this product

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