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Technology evolves from the fertile minds of individuals, and is nurtured by the vision of companies and organizations.  In 2001, Billy Pugh Company was inducted into the Offshore Energy Center’s Hall of Fame.Read More
Billy Pugh Co. was established in 1957 in the infancy of the offshore oil and gas industry. Over the next several decades, we became synonymous with the offshore oil and gas industry.  Today, we continue to make the best quality safety products.
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In 1955, Billy Pugh developed his “Billy Pugh Net” for safe transfer of personnel between boats and platforms/rigs by crane. The Billy Pugh Net gained acceptance very quickly and is still the standard of the industry.Read More


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Billy Pugh Company offers Offshore Safety Equipment, Marine Safety Equipment, Safety Training and Practices/Inspections, X-904 Personnel Transfer Baskets, Transfer Nets, Life Rescue Rings, Buoys and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend refurbishing personnel nets/ baskets with the exception of the X-904. Personnel baskets are designed to last in the field 1-2 years depending on the frequency of their use. As an example, most shallow water operations both drilling and production use their personnel basket frequently and sometimes even daily. These units should be replaced annually. Operations that transfer personnel via crane less frequently (such as those in deeper water who utilize helicopters more often) can replace their personnel basket after 2 years of use- or if the net/basket fails inspection. *It is not cost effective or recommended to refurbish these baskets in either scenario.
Repairs of non-load bearing parts are permissible such as, covers and stabilizer units. BPC does not recommend making repairs on the load bearing components.
ABS Type Approval is thoroughly explained in the ABS section of this website.
Many BPC customers require this additional 3rd party certification. It is an extra guarantee that our personnel transfer devices are manufactured with a high level of quality and that the product designs has been evaluated and tested.


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