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Online Fraudulent activity – Fake affiliations: &

We do not and have never manufactured product in China. Our website is and we do not have any other websites.

If you have been quoted products from a website that looks like ours but is not then it is fraudulent.

Directly below in italics is more information about the entity attempting to affiliate themselves to us. Our longstanding reputation that we have spent 60+ years building is being potentially jeopardized by these individuals. This is underhanded and shameful behavior and they are frauds. They have copied our webpage changing English to Chinese and give the impression that they are us. They are copying our equipment, using inferior materials and shoddy workmanship. They do not have the experience, access to our drawings, high quality materials or specifications to make genuine Billy Pugh Company Equipment.

Their website also asserts they are ABS Type Approved. That is also a distortion. We ask that you contact us if you are unsure. Our factory is located in Corpus Christi, TX, USA… and nowhere else. Please do not be misled by these unscrupulous people.

Please do not buy or have any of your customers buy or use these fake products as we believe them to be dangerous.

Paul W. Liberato
Billy Pugh Co., Inc. I 5878 Agnes Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78406 | 361.884.9351