X-904 vs Other Transfer Devices

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X-904 vs Other Transfer Devices

We receive some excellent questions regarding the differences between the Billy Pugh Company’s X-904 and other transfer devices in the offshore industry.  Because we have been in the offshore business for over 50 years we have the experience, knowledge, and long standing relationships with safety managers, crane operators, rig managers, and the actual personnel who are being transferred, we found out what was most important to them and designed accordingly. The X-904 was born and quickly became the answer to the safety concerns in personnel transfer such as overhead and side impact protection, softer landings, ability to quickly exit, and designated area for luggage and injured personnel to name just a few.

Here are a couple frequently asked questions that may be helpful in your decision to purchase an X-904.

Q. Why do riders stand and not sit?
A. Going from a sitting to a standing position on a moving deck can create a lack of equilibrium for riders. Standing during the transfer makes it possible for riders to exit quickly to a safe area when the device touches down. Standing also allows riders to absorb hard landings with their legs and not their backs.

Q. Why do we have a “man positioning system” that incorporates a quick release carabineer as opposed to full fall protection?
A. This allows personnel to have that extra sense of security with the ability to quickly release the safety lanyard from the life vest and step off the device as opposed to being buckled in like other transfer procedures.  Also personnel did not like the idea of full fall protection during over-water transfer.

Q. Why do riders face inward during transfer?
A. Personnel tend to develop vertigo if facing outward looking at the horizon.  Facing inward keeps their eyes on the stability of the center pole of the X-904 and helps not to lose their “sea legs”.

Q. Overall, why has the X-904 been so successful?
A. We believe that others in the industry have dictated what is “best” for the industry.  In contrast, our philosophy was to let the experts in the offshore industry tell us what works best for them.   We started with a clean sheet of paper and built a device based on what they told us.  We have continued to make small improvements to the X-904 and it has been the most successful product in BPC’s history.