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Billy Pugh Company is very excited to announce our new product and first of its kind, the RGB-2. Some key elements are fall protection, outer protection, workers are able to work for longer periods safely without the bulk of a square steel basket, weather resistant, and is extremely versatile.

Excellent for use in place of a sling or boatswain.

Working in concert with the end users of our equipment has been a cornerstone of our company. Every product that we develop is field tested by the offshore community – both operators and contractors.

Model Description SWL Weight Dimensions
RGB-2 2 Man Basket 992 lbs. 480 lbs. 48″ X 48″ X 100″

Product Features

  • The round shape and single connection vertical bar allows for a more versatile work platform and freedom of movement inside.
  • The personnel inside have the ability to use fall protection. The main lifting bar that attaches to the crane hook has a secondary safety load line overhead in the unlikely event that the bar fails.
  • Single lifting pole
  • Steel construction coated with weather resistant powder coating
  • Weather resistant carbon steel
  • Powder coated with black and yellow doors

  • Long Lasting
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Rigging can be replaced in the field

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