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BPC Life Floats help people survive an emergency situation. The life float keeps people together while providing additional floatation until they can be rescued. With a  straightforward design, it’s easy to use when the unexpected occurs.  They are manufactured with a hard polyethylene outer shell and a urethane inner core. All of our floats include a nylon basket and black polypropylene rope which is mildew, rot and sunlight resistant, and comes with a five year warranty.


Model Description Weight Dimensions
LF-6 6 PERSON LIFE FLOAT 63 lbs 54″ x 39″ x 11″
LF-12 12 PERSON LIFE FLOAT 95 lbs 70″ x 42″ x 10″



Picture Product (optional but recommended) Description
No Picture Available Cover for LF-6 & LF-12 Protection for the elements.
Float Free Link Link is attached to the float’s painter and the ship. If the ship sinks past the painter the link will break.
Life Float Launcher This is available for the Life Float 6 and 12 man.
Light Automatically activated by water, floats upright in all conditions.
Life Float Painter Conforms to USCG 46 CFR 117.175
Paddle If needed for the Life Float.
Rope Reels RR-150 (150′ x 5/8″ POLY PRO)
RR-250 (250 x 5/8″ POLY PRO)
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