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Safety of Personnel Transfer Baskets/Devices vs. Helicopter Transfer… results may surprise you

“It’s too dangerous and scary” Despite how commonplace, safe, and supervised transfers via personnel transfer devices are, the above is a phrase industry personnel often tell me at meetings, conferences, and even out in the field. So long as recommended practices are followed, personnel crane transfer is a great/safe way to get to and from [...]

President’s Corner: The Myth of Self Righting Devices

There has been a lot of talk recently in our industry of "self righting" of transfer devices.  So much, we had a client ask about the importance of “self-righting” personnel transfer devices.  The following is my response to that client: In all my years at BPC (almost 27), we at Billy Pugh Co. have never [...]

President’s Corner: Survival in the downturn

I was recently interviewed on KPRC 950’s Texas Business Radio about surviving the downturn and was asked how we are handling this latest price reduction in commodities. Since Billy Pugh Company is so connected to the offshore oil and gas business, when it gets a cold…we sneeze.   As the commodity prices for oil and gas [...]